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Once, he was Judd?Bengal Breed and brother to the notorious fugitive Gideon. After Gideon disappeared, Judd was experimented on until his tortured body knew nothing but agony.?Now, he is Cullen Maverick, serving as the commander of the Covert Law Enforcement Agency in the small community of Window Rock, Arizona. Despite his genetics, Judd is able to pass as human because his Bengal traits are recessed. But he is unable to smell the emotions, bonds and fears that other Breeds take for granted. He remains tormented that he wasn?t able to mate the woman he'd loved?at the cost of her life.?He?s just a man. The genetics of the animal he was created to possess are forever silent, leaving no hint of the Breed he should have been. Or so he thought. His tiger is about to be awakened by the one woman destined to be his?Chelsea Martinez. And their world will never be the same...

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